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Renovating old houses: tips and tricks

If you have decided that you don’t like your old house anymore, and that you want to see it renewed, you should think about the possibilities you have in this case. First, remember that a complete renovation would cost some serious money. If you don’t have it, you could take a personal loan from the bank. Don’t worry, as the value of your property grows if you renovate it, so you would obtain a better price for it if you decide to sell. In fact, it is recommended to renovate a property even if you know that you would sell it, as you will surely get more money for it.

Look for a contractor. Don’t choose one plumber to change your water installation, and an electrician from another company. The specialized renovating companies are able to offer you all the support you need, and complete services. This way, you will pay less, and you will be sure that you would receive the same quality of work.

Buy the materials yourself. Even if the renovating company might offer you the possibility to buy the materials from them, you might consider buying those from other companies that would offer those for you cheaper. On the other hand, in the majority of cases, the prices of the renovating companies are smaller, as they might offer you a discount for those. If you are looking for a contractor locally, for example in Brooklin, ON, you can also take a look at the local papers and yellow pages for a better price.

Ask for a plan. As soon as you have signed the contract with the renovating company, ask for a plan. This way, you will know exactly what they want to do in your home, and you can even bring modifications to the respective plan. You might have some new ideas during the renovation process, so you will need to choose a company that is able to adapt to your requests and demands, a company that is able to change the pan if needed.

How to check a house before buying it

Some potential buyers of a home are so eager to buy, that they will forget other important aspects of the real estate. A home that looks good at start might have many problems, and it will be hard for you to repair the respective house.

1. Make sure that the house is was well maintained

If you are looking for a decent living place, the house where you move must be maintained in perfect conditions. You will not want to start painting as soon as you get into the house. Those are the things that the owner must do before you move. Besides the obvious aspects such as the general aspect of the house, you will have to look for termites, mold or other problems of this kind.

2. Check the sanitary and electric installations

Problems with the electrical installations are neglected by some at a first view. However, when you seriously consider buying a property, you should check the plugs, lights, the plumbing and the air ducts. If you see that some of those are broken, ask the owner to fix those before you move.

3. Make sure that everything is in order

If you buy a house along with furniture, decorations and appliances, you must make sure that those work. If you see that some of those are too old or that they don’t work, it is important to talk with the owner about those. Would they be fixed before you move? Is the owner willing to give you a smaller price? All those aspects must be established with a contract, and the real estate agent has the role of checking if all those aspects are covered with clauses.

The negotiation phase is not only about establishing a price for a real estate. It is also about establishing details about the transaction. This way, you will be able to get a fair price for your house!